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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday: The Way

This afternoon we had our last session with Dr. Dan.  Out of all the counselling courses I've ever taken this has left me with the most tools I can immediately put into use.  It makes my head hurt thinking about how much we packed in to such a short amount of time but it has been worth it.  I leave this experience richer, not just for the lessons learned but especially for seeing the heart of the man who was teaching us.

Tonight Prof. Greg talked to us about pilgrimage.  The talk was finished by sharing the Eucharist or Communion together - the very way we started the day.  I've never before started and ended a day with the body and blood of Christ but I have to say it was meaningful and deeply moving to have the rhythm of my day started and finished by the holy meal.

There's a movie we watched this week that we talked about tonight.  It's called The Way and was directed by Emilio Estevez and stars his father, Martin Sheen.  The film was excellent and I'm going to share the trailer with you here.  If you read the words used in the trailer you will read an accurate summary of what these two weeks have been for me.

Tonight I'm grateful for the classmates, the Modulites, who I have had the privilege of sharing this journey with.

Enjoy this short taste of The Way:

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