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Monday, October 15, 2012

Re-Education Begins!

Good morning education!  Let's pick up where we left it...

Every day is full of lessons but getting back to the classroom is a special kind of learning that bounces from humiliation (seriously? that was in that book?  that's what he meant?  how did i miss that?) to exhilaration (seriously!  that was in that book!  that's what he meant!  that changes everything!).

We flew into Boston yesterday from Raleigh.  I'm not writing in the royal third person, I had a travelling companion from Winston-Salem who is also taking this course and we shared the same flight from Raleigh.  Our 7 a.m. flight was cancelled so we sat and waited for the 11:45 a.m. flight.  I got a lot of reading done.

In Boston we connected with two women - ALSO on this Module - from California and we travelled up together by car from there.  All in all it saved us - collectively - at least $1000 doing it this way and all kinds of carbon footprints.  At the airport the car rental boss looked on us with love and pity and gave us a free upgrade so we could get our luggage AND bodies into a vehicle.  Bless the Lord!

On the drive up I learned that I had done one of the assignments completely wrong.  And so the education process started again!  One of our travelling companions shared some music with us on the way up, some songs she had written and recorded.  One line she wrote has stuck with me like a theme for this adventure.  Roughly translated it goes like this, "Beckon me in until your presence becomes my home."  That's what I want.

I'm about to leave my room - nicely prepared for me by friends who left an especially nice gift for my arrival - blessed again - and head to breakfast and round 1.  I'll keep you posted on the highs and lows so stayed tuned if you're interested.  I know I've got a lot to learn but this I know: it is an honour and privilege to take part in an SSU Master of Ministry module, especially with this group of friends.

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