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Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Difference 24 Hours Can Make

24 hours ago I was facing some big questions.  “How can I leave for 2 weeks when I just got here?”  “How am I going to pay for another module?”  “How can I not be there for my daughter’s next surgery?”  “How can I possibly get all this work done by Sunday?”  Basically, it was a typical Tuesday.

I felt I had been given some pretty clear direction from God – no burning bush or anything but words, confirmation, sense of knowing in my knower.  But I was standing in front of the giant wall on my obstacle course of life and didn't see a way over it.

But once again I get by with a little help (actually a LOT of help) from my friends.  I've been encouraged and I've been undone by the kindness and wisdom of friends.  I've been the recipient of extravagant generosity.  I've been the beneficiary of wisdom that came from the throne of God from people who didn't know they were giving me answers to the questions I’d been asking God – even sometimes down to the very words or expressions they used that mirrored my own.

For all who've helped by prayer, by gift, by friendship, by words of truth, I thank you.

I'm still wrestling with feeling like a terrible dad.  As I plan to leave on Sunday, my wife and daughter are planning to travel back to PEI for my daughter’s surgery 10 days later.  Your prayers for them are welcomed and appreciated.  I have been there every time she’s gone to sleep and woken up from one of these and it’s hard to think I won’t be for this one.

And please pray that my brain will be able to absorb everything that will get stuffed in to it in the next 2 weeks.

For those interested in the process (not prawcess), I’ll be live blogging the module so tune in for daily insights and experiences starting Monday, October 15th.

There's a lot I don't know but one thing I'm learning better every day is that without friends, life sucks.

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