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Monday, October 15, 2012

Ministry Module continues: Gospel

This afternoon we dug in to the synoptic gospels with Bill Jackson.  The challenge is starting at the beginning, before our preconceptions were formed, getting back to what the Text actually says.  That all started with acknowledging that even knowing the Text comes with certain limitations.

The first time I went to this kind of school I was taught the Text was beyond questioning.  That the first step was understanding that the Text was Other and outside of us and something we are meant to follow, not something we're meant to doubt or question.

Today we started over and the first step to discovering the depth, beauty and truth of the Text of Matthew, Mark and Luke starts with doubting everything we think we know and asking the most dangerous of all questions, the question that gets us all into the most trouble and creates some our most primitive conflicts.


And just like that, like a key slipping into the right lock, we're suddenly discovering depth, experiencing wonder, coming away from the experience more convinced of God's unique revelation in the Text rather than less.

Almost favourite moment of the afternoon: watching a fellow classmates perception suddenly give way to some reality.  Kingdom-filled but real.

Most favourite moment of the day: feeling yet more of my own perception about the gospel dissolve and give way to something more robust, something Kingdom centered, something richer.

This afternoon the Kingdom took over more of the real estate of my heart and my head.

Have you asked "Why" lately?

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