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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Module Week 2: the Afternoons

High School.  Geometry.  I suck.  A meeting is called with my Dad, my Teacher and me.  The greatest obstacle to my education was my attitude.  I hated geometry and couldn't see the point of it.  I wanted to drop the class before I completely flunked out.  So there we were in a little room while my Teacher tried to help me adjust my attitude.  I told her, “I just don’t see the point, I’ll never use this in my whole life.” 

“Oh yes you!” Her voice was starting to raise a little.  “What if you go into forestry and you have to determine how tall a particular tree is without being able to cut it down to measure?”

“If I promise to never go into forestry will you please let me drop your class?” I asked.

I've been to several practical workshops since I've been in ministry and most just leave me with a list of things to do or fix or a feeling of extreme inadequacy.  The sessions we’re having in the afternoons this week on “The Addictive Life” with Dr. Dan Lambrides, aren't like that.  I walked out of our Tuesday session with some practical tools that I already know how to use when I get home.  Overall that’s been my experience at SSU.

In “The Addictive Life,” Dr. Dan was talking to us about Trust.  He was asked to speak to a group about Trust and as he prepared he realized he knew what Trust is but recognized a need to be able to talk about what Trust is and what we mean when we say, “Trust.”  What makes Trust happen in our relationships?  He broke it down for us and the insight he gave us, just about this one word, so central to relationship, so central to leadership and pastoral leadership in particular, was worth coming for this whole module. 

Tuesday he dropped this one on us: "The first requirement of any craft is the love of its material."

And I thought about my craft as a pastor and a little light went on as about the spectacular "flame out" rate of those in my craft.  We love the position, we love the authority, we love the salary, we love the mission, we love the instant 'friends', we even love Jesus but I'm wondering how many of us first and foremost love the material?

And it doesn't involve any geometry.

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