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Monday, March 18, 2013

Time Flies

This afternoon we started our new track on the Hebrew Prophets.  I’ve been looking forward to this.  I’m one of those weird people who love the Bible the way other people love Star Trek, Legos or trains.  I can get absolutely geeky about it.  I’ve embraced this geeky side of myself and generally I kept my fill reading the Bible, reading books about the Bible, listening to podcasts or talking to one or two friends who share my inclination.

I don’t dress up as a Bible.

Just thought I should make that clear.

So from 1:30 to 5:30 today I was experiencing a special kind of bliss.  I think I talked too much but my enthusiasm for the topic got the best of me.  4 hours went by faster than a grande cup of fresh, dark roast coffee in the morning.

First, our prof gave us a principle of interpretation that was right up there with “Context”.  If I write it down here you would probably, and maybe rightly so, say, “meh.”  But believe me when I tell you it was huge for me.  Right up there with finding out I needed glasses when I was 10.

Second, this thought that came from the meta-narrative: “The in breaking of God is relentless.”  Again, that may rate a, “meh.” from you but I assure you it is a hopeful, empowering, comforting truth.  He started in the beginning.  He hasn't stopped.

Wherever or whatever your happy place is, this afternoon I was in mine.  And I only have 3 more of these sessions left.  It reminds me of the weeks I’d spend on my Aunt and Uncle’s farm in the summers.  The start of the week seemed so long and by the middle of the week I was desperate to make time stand still and stretch out the hot days and cool breezy nights.  There were way too many comic books to get through, not to mention the Tom Swift novels, before the week could end.

A satisfying day today and I appreciate all of you who have made this possible.

What did you learn one day that changed the way you looked at a whole bunch of other things?


  1. “The in breaking of God is relentless.” No words.

    Your enthusiasm is refreshing water during a very dry season.

    1. May you find rivers in your desert and spring rain after your winter.