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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mother Tongue

I've heard from people who translate the Bible into other languages, especially for the first time for a people group, that even if the people understand English or French or Spanish, they long to hear the Scriptures in the language of their heart.

These afternoon classes have been for me all about hearing the Hebrew prophets in the language of my heart.

As a charismatic believer in the Vineyard movement I've often felt that I had to either be charismatic or have a brain but I couldn't possibly enjoy both.  I've hung out with other Vineyard pastors who either have no interest in theology or are very interested and quite fond of a 3rd or 4th century heresy that they want to share, oblivious that in another time and place their ‘new revelation’ was dismissed as an old error.  Occasionally I get to talk with other pastors who embrace both the Spirit and their brains.  I cling to those moments for all they’re worth!

Today I sat and listened for 4 hours again to our prof make much of God, of Scripture, of the children of Israel and the Church.  The lens through which we viewed all these: Jesus.  He spoke both as one who knows Jesus and one who knows the Spirit.  He spoke to us using both sides of his brain.  He spoke to us with awareness of history and of culture.  He spoke as an American who has lived a couple decades outside of the United States.  He spoke with appreciation for those scholars he has studied with whom he sometimes disagrees and he spoke critically of those scholars he has studied with whom he often agrees.

There was one paragraph of thought that was shared that made my little heart grow three sizes today.  Here’s one of the phrases: “Glory is dangerous.”

I was once told by a prophetic type that I was made to minister in Spirit and in Truth.  This ministry module at SSU has brought me into a whole new place with what that means to me.  These two years have been a grace of God, not only because they've brought order to my brain cells but because they've put fire in my spirit.

I've still got a lot to learn but one thing I'm sure of tonight is that I won't be going home the same man who came to this module.

Have you ever heard a truth that transformed?  What was it?

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  1. Why you don't have hundreds of readers and dozens of comments boggles me. Your nourishment always nourishes me, and I appreciate your sharing.