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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nebo's Connected to the Qumran

So many stories to tell and yet again I'm at the end of an exhausting but positive day and I'll let some pictures tell the stories for me.

I will be giving you a full account of the journey once I land back home -- or get time on the road -- but for now this will have to work.

The day started early again today as we made our way to Mt. Nebo.  That's in Jordan, for those who may not be familiar, and according to the Bible it's the mountain that Moses climbed at 100+ to get his look into the "Promised Land" and then to die.

Having followed the trek of the "Exodus" out of Egypt, across Sinai and up into present day Jordan (ancient days Ammon and Moab via Edom) I can say with a new perspective that the Land truly appeared to be flowing with milk and honey.  We have been in a dry but beautiful wasteland and coming up to the top of the mountain today it was a revelation to see the lush, green valley stretching out below.  Moses would've wept at the sight.  It was hard not to.

The vista was spectacular and would've been even more amazing all those years ago.  The Jordan river flowing out of the north, a ribbon of blue hugged by fertile fields of green running down into the Dead Sea.  A valley created in ancient times by the shift of tectonic plates so that the hills rise sharply on both the east and west.  This creates an interesting weather pattern that creates and keeps the moisture "locked" in the valley.

I'll spill the beans on the adventures of today later but I will say it ended at our hotel tonight with the manager explaining that this is an "all inclusive" hotel, including all the drinks we can drink.  Milk and honey, indeed.

Brian on top of  Mt. Nebo, standing where Moses stood.
More or less.

This is the view Moses had.  This doesn't do it justice.  More to follow.
In the distance, Jericho.  Behind that, the hills that would one day support Jerusalem.

Qumran, cave 4, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. (accidentally)

A close up of Cave 4.

and this is a "scriptural" olive tree on top of Mt. Nebo for my friend Dede who requested  it!
I've never seen so many olive trees nor have I ever eaten so many olives!

Sorry for the lack of details.  More to come.  Tomorrow is another early morning.  We will visit Masada first and then we make the long drive north to Galilee.  I'm chuffed for both!

I've got a lot to learn but one thing I know is that if I don't sleep I can't learn!  Good night!

p.s.  For those who would like to contribute to the fund that's making my education possible - and thank you to those of you who already have! - you can use the details or the buttons over there ----> to keep making this happen!

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