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Monday, November 28, 2011


Tomorrow morning I'm going to take an exam.  Other than at the doctor's office I haven't had one of these in decades.  My prep for this exam has been mostly procrastination.  And then a little more procrastination.  Eventually I tried to get into "study" mode and I've tried to recall how I did this 30 years ago in my undergrad days.

Back then we'd spend some time picking out the right play list of records for the stereo in our dorm room.  Yes, LPs.  Big, black, in cardboard sleeves with great covers.  Then we'd get some hot chocolate going as the first album started to play - usually Bruce Cockburn.  My room mate and I would start to talk over our notes (if we had the same class) and that would remind one of us of something more interesting which would lead to a major theological discussion - "who would win in a fight, Daredevil or Batman?".  Batman, of course.

Eventually we'd get onto the subject and the material at hand and give it a go.  Memory devices.  We'd come up with some winners.  I've done the same for this one.  I've come up with memory devices so incredibly clever and memorable that I can only recall the first 3 letters of any of them.  Then we would quiz each other.  By this time we'd switched over to a Phil Keaggy album, maybe Jeff Johnson or possibly the Bob & Doug Great White North Album with special guest Geddy Lee.  Eventually I'd ask my room mate Tim a question and finally realize that the thoughtful pause was actually the sound of him sleeping.  More often it would be me who passed out in mid-reply only to wake up for our 7 a.m. class with notecards stuck to the side of my face by the drool that'd leaked while I slept.

I'm not sure that any of these approaches will work at 48 but I'm determined to figure out how to study for this before I fall asleep tonight.  And wake up tomorrow with my notecards stuck to my face.

I have so much to learn.

Big thanks to all who continue to contribute to Educating Brian.  I've raised about $1000 now out of my goal for $10,000 to educate me.  Every gift of $5, $25 and $500 is helping and I thank you for that.

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  1. Daredevil wouldn't even see Batman coming. ;-)

    Do you know the structure of the exam? After 12 years of school I think the one thing I know how to do is write an exam! And of course now I no longer have to write exams (expect to give them to the students, bwahahahahahahaha).

    BTW for essay questions, I like to construct a few outlines for sample questions and work from there.

    Also after marking about 70 papers over the last few days - re-read your sentences before you submit anything. It is amazing how students leave critical words out because they are thinking faster than they can write.

    Do well my friend!