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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Double Spaced

This morning I learned an important lesson.  I wrote to one of my teachers about an assignment that is almost due.  The assignment page we were given said 1000 words/4 pages.  I hit 1000 words by page 2.  And kept going.  So I wrote and asked if that was either/or.  He kindly replied that double spaced papers will hit 1000 words on page 4 but he would be a little flexible for me.

Here's the problem: I thought I was double spaced.  Turns out the setting in Word that I thought was double space - well - wasn't.  A little investigation this morning and I now see he difference.



This is good.  Really helpful as I move forward.  Except that the 8 page paper for another prof that I've been working on cutting back from 11 to 8 pages is now, in double space as required, 17 pages long.


Bang head on desk.

So I'll be spending Sunday afternoon editing while I hear the sound of NFL football coming from the other room.  The room I'm not in.

I have so much to learn.


  1. I did the same thing on a paper on Aquinas, except I passed it in not knowing. My grade reflected my ignorance, and from now on all me paperz will surely be double spaced!

  2. I've already turned some in. Ah well, live and learn.