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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Still Getting Educated

It's been a while.

Regular posts are about to resume.  We've been in the midst of a massive transition.  For the last 21 years we've lived in the same place even if we haven't lived in the same house or city.  Sunday past, we loaded up our jumbo U-Haul truck and moved south to North Carolina.

During the transition it became difficult for me to write or even talk about what we were experiencing, feeling and going through.  Normally I talk or blog about those things but we entered a space in these last two months where I became acutely aware of how my observations, comments and thoughts were being scrutinized, personalized and (sometimes) villainized.  So it seemed best to keep quiet.

But now it's time to move internally and externally (that sounds vaguely like a scatological reference - not intended - this time) and it's time to write again.

We were given a word/picture this week that I think nicely sums up exactly how we all feel at the moment (we = me, the elusive Donna, Josh and Emily - Nathan and Lindsay I think are coping with "the hole").  The picture is that of a tree, uprooted for replanting.  It's roots with some soil are tied up in burlap and ready for replanting.  Some breaking has occurred, some shock to the system as well, but still healthy, intact, and in good shape for the next season.

We're incredibly excited to be here and I can't wait to jump in.  Meanwhile, I'm catching up on my reading for this semester of school at SSU.  Your support is still needed and deeply appreciated!  (See the first post on this blog for details.)  I've still got a lot to learn but one thing I know: moving in love is better than moving in hurt, even if it's painful.

So, "Hello Raleigh, you look fantastic!"

Coming up next post...Athanasius meets Raleigh, North Carolina.


  1. If the roots are healthy and the soil is rich, the tree will survive replanting! (Perhaps even thrive!)

    Brian, will I be able to listen to your sermons online? Where can I find them?

    1. My talks will be online when I start doing them again. They'll be posted at and you can subscribe thru iTunes.