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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why I Don't Write A Book

With my tendency to rant and my ability to keep going on a topic that the people I'm conversing with have long since moved past on the attention train, I've been wondering why I don't write a book.  Here's why.

I write.  I share what I write here and in person almost every week with a group of people who mean the world to me.  I do write.

But a book.  Deep down I have this certainty that birthing a book would be like publishing a Facebook status update: it would be swallowed up and disappear within the volume already being published.  The people who would read what I write already do.

Like a story about two fishes I heard this week, I'm already doing what I love to do.  And that's pretty good.


  1. What if say a tree fell in the forest and normally no one would care but today there was a woodsman in the forest cutting down trees. He hears the tree and turns around only to find himself experiencing the most indescribable sunset he has ever seen. Now normally the tree would have just been noise. Now it acts kind of like an alarm jarring the woodsman's otherwise preoccupied life with a deeper tangible experience. Somehow it doesn't seem like much but who knows what that will develop into. I think that is what writing a book is like. Somehow it's for felling our own ideas and somehow it's for the woodsman preoccupied with their own inner dialogue.

  2. Tell the woodsman he can read my blog for free!