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Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Grade

I got my first grade back from my Masters Module last night.  It was for one of the papers I wrote, a review, for the counselling section of the module.  My paper got an "A".

I was "bouncing off the walls" excited!  I ran upstairs and told my wife, the Elusive, about the mark and she was excited for me.  For all I know everyone is getting "A"s and I'd be fine with that.  What matters to me is that I didn't get a "seriously, you think you can do this?"

As I went to bed last night I was expressing my thankfulness to God and then this thought came to me and kept me awake for a while, "You can only go down from here!"

I've decided this morning that in a "the glass is half full/the glass is half empty" world I'm a "someone probably poisoned my water" kind of guy.

I've got so much to learn.

p.s.  apparently writing before 8 a.m. provokes me to overuse quotation marks.


  1. well done man! super stoked for you and to be honest, you're the man, so for the most part I believe you can consistently hover around where you're at ;)

  2. Apparently my brain forgets what quotation marks are after 9 p.m. I re-read the post and counted only one exclamation mark which made me wonder why you thought that was an overuse. Doh.

    And awesome!!!!! Congrats on the A!!!

  3. Thanks Matte! Thanks Calvin - I'll hover but you've got all the dance moves! Thanks for fitting in the time to read Michelle - enjoy your vacay!

  4. Off to the great start! I got to hand out my first As, Bs, Cs, and even a few Ds, Es (yeah I was surprised we had those too) and even a very few Fs. Assigning the mark is psychologically the hardest part about marking. As a prof it sure is nice to read a paper/exam worthy of an A!

  5. Es? I hope to avoid that section of the alphabet! I hadn't thought about the grading from that side of things. I hope you are treated nicely on "ratemyteacher".com!