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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've been doing a bunch of homework and writing papers instead of blog posts.  And while I finish up another module I'm thinking about what happens next.

Next is supposed to be my last regular module and following that I write my thesis or come up with a ministry project (paper + practical app).  The reading list for the next module is intimidating and the assignments look to me like they are the most demanding yet of the cycle.  And the questions I'm asking myself right now: Can I do this?  Can I get all this done AND do justice to my regular gig AND have something that looks like a life with my wife and kids?  Can I afford to do this?  Can I afford not to do this?

Starting a new life here in Raleigh and getting ready for this last module was challenging but I had months leading up to it.  This time it feels more like weeks to get ready for the March module and I feel like the next 3 months need my attention in a big way.

So why am I processing this out loud?  First, it helps me.  Second, I want to say "thank you" to all of you who bother to read "Educating Brian" and support my continuing ed endeavours.  I've truly gotten to where I am with the help of my friends.  And third, I think it's important to be transparent and acknowledge that while sometimes God's leading seems so clear and obvious that it feels easy to follow, sometimes it's fuzzy and hard.

What comes next?  I will keep you posted.  

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