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Friday, April 6, 2012

20 Questions for the Disciples on Good Friday/Holy Saturday

Dome of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre
I've been meditating today in an effort to make Good Friday and I/Thou encounter rather than just another I/It experience.

So many Good Fridays have come and gone.

I've been trying to imagine the state of the disciples.  What were they thinking, feeling, doing?  Here are some questions I thought of - please add your own in the comments.

1.     Mary did you consider recanting the Magnificat?
2.     Did any of you throw up your last supper?
3.     Did any of you go out looking for Judas for a little Galilean justice?
4.     Did your hearts feel as empty on Friday as he carried the cross out of Jerusalem as they had felt full when the donkey carried Jesus into Jerusalem?
5.     Did you regret falling asleep while he prayed or were you sorry you ever woke up?
6.     How long until you could look each other in the eye?
7.     Who was the first to suggest a “plan B”?
8.     What were the last words you remembered him saying to you?  What was the last thing you said to him?
9.     Did you wet yourself every time someone knocked on the door of the place you were hiding?
10.  What made you stick around the city?  Fear, faith or shock?
11.  How hard was it to find someone to hide you?  Did people suddenly act like they didn’t know you?
12.  Who blamed whom first?
13.  Did you give Peter the silent treatment?  Did you mock him for his “great confession” at Caesarea Philippi?   Did he tell you all that night about his fireside denial?
14.  Who cried the most?
15.  Could any of you touch bread or wine that weekend?  Could you even look at them on the table without feeling sick or crying uncontrollably?
16.  Collectively, how many times did you ask, “Why?”
17.  How many of you considered doing what Judas did?
18.  Did Peter moan out loud every time a rooster crowed nearby?
19.  Did you men marvel at the capacity of the women to keep going in the midst of their mourning?
20.  Did any of you ask, “If a man dies, will he live again?”

I've got a lot to learn but I think asking questions will help me get there.

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